Dosbrak is a young Irish artist, owner of an architecture degree, Dosbrak has long held an intense passion in art and has spent most of his life scribbling away in notebooks to hone his craft. In the last five or six years, the hobby developed into a profession – with Dosbrak crediting the support of the likes of Joe Rogan for helping to develop global interest in his work, which has led to numerous high-profile partnerships.
His work features many themes, but among the most recurring are the concept of champions and/or kings – with much of his work based around an ethos which states that a successful piece of art must tell a story in the same manner you might expect from a feature article, or even documentary. Much like some other creative manifestations, Dosbrak says that a successful piece will sometimes be determined not just by what is included in the image, but also by what is not – a stylistic choice which he compares to an open-ended conclusion to a movie. Sometimes that audience’s perception of a piece is just as, or even more, important than the artist’s.